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Written by Pasha Zolfaghari   

In a rematch of last year’s Adult Division I National Championships, the New York Rollin’ Knicks and Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks faced off on Saturday, April 14 at 4:00 p.m. EST


The game was neck and neck throughout the first half, with both teams playing strong, physical defense and neither team gaining a significant lead. By the end of the third quarter, the Knicks held a nine point lead over their Texan rivals. But that all fell apart when the Mavs went on a 12-0 run to open the fourth quarter. The Knicks were able to regain composure, but could not make a basket with 1.3 seconds left in regulation when the game was tied 54-54.

Once overtime hit however, the Knicks put the pedal to the medal. Led by the one-two punch of Steve Serio and Pat Anderson, the Knicks opened overtime with a 5-0 run and won the game 72-59. The Knicks were finally able to avenge their championship losses to the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks in both 2015 and 2017.

The Adult Division II championships kicked off the Adult Division Championship games on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. EST. The NMCSD Wolfpack was the only West Coast team in any NWBA division to make it to a championship game and defeated the Toronto Rollin’ Raptors, 51-25 to become the Adult Division II National Champions. The Wolfpack started the game with a 10-0 run and kept a strong lead throughout the entire game.

In the Adult Division III pool, the three seed RHI Pacers beat the five seed Harrisonburg Cardinals in a very close matchup, 44-42. The game was within six points the whole game, keeping the crowd energized after a full day of games.

The Junior Divisions played their semi-final games on Saturday to set the stage for their championship games on Sunday. In Junior Varsity Division, the one seed TIRR Hermann Memorial Jr. Hotwheels beat the WASA Jr. Bucks, who entered the tournament as the four seed, 74-52. On the other side of the semi-final bracket, the three seed RHI Racers defeated the two seed Blazesport Jr. Hawks, 56-47. The Hotwheels and Hawks will match up in the championship game on Sunday, April 15, 2:00 p.m. EST.

In the Junior NIT Division, the 17 seed Mary Free Bed Pacers will play in the championships after defeating the Synergy Jr. Bulls in the semi-finals in a tight game, 57-56. The 22 seed Motor City Wheels will be their opponents in the championships after the Wheels beat the 18 seed Mad City Badgers, 32-27, in the semi finals. The NIT Championship game will kick off the Junior Division Championship games on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. EST.

The Junior Prep Division gave fans thrilling semi-finals games as well on Saturday. The Charlotte Rolling Hornets – Purple, who entered the tournament at the three seed, best the two seed LWSRA Jr. Hawks, 24-17. The other prep semi-final game ended with the one seed Minnesota Rolling Rowdies eeking out the victory against the Lakeshore Sharks, 24-21. The Hornets and Sharks will face off in the championship game on Sunday at noon.

All championship games on Sunday will be available for viewing at

These are the award winners for the Adult Divisions:

Adult Division I

1st Team All-Tournament

  1. Bobbie Nickelberry of the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks
  2. Pat Anderson of the New York Rollin’ Knicks
  3. Tyrone Griner of the University of Arizona Wildcats
  4. Jason Nelms of the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks
  5. Jermell Pennie of the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks

2nd Team All-Tournament

  1. Joseph Chambers of the Sacramento Rollin’ Kings
  2. Nick Goncin of the Toronto Rollin’ Raptors
  3. Bryce Doody of the MedStar NRH Punishers
  4. Trevon Jennifer of the MedStar NRH Punishers
  5. Kevin Grant of the New York Rollin’ Knicks

3rd Team All-Tournament

  1. David Eng of the New York Rollin’ Knicks
  2. Alphonsis To of the Seattle Sonics
  3. Derrick Bissnett of the Denver Rolling Nuggets
  4. Aaron Gouge of the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks
  5. Tyler Miller of the Toronto Rollin’ Raptors

Adult Division I Tournament MVP

Steve Serio of the New York Rollin’ Knicks

Captain James S. Ure Sportsmanship Award

Michelle Jenkins of the Sacramento Rollin’ Kings


Adult Division II

1st Team All-Tournament

  1. Benjamin Tumack of the Toronto Rollin’ Raptors
  2. Fred Esman of the Austin Rec’ers
  3. Erica Gavel of the Toronto Rollin’ Raptors
  4. Jhoonar Barrea of the NMCSD Wolfpack
  5. John Boie of the Wisconsin Thunder

2nd Team

  1. Mike Hudson of the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
  2. Chris St. Remy of the Nassau Kings
  3. Edgar Perdomo of the Maywood Kodiaks
  4. Robbie Gordon of the Tampa Bay Strong Dawgs
  5. Elodie Tessier of the Toronto Rollin’ Raptors

Adult Division II MVP

Matthew Grashen of the NMCSD Wolfpack

Sportsmanship Award

Breanna Clark of the Nassau Kings


Adult Division III

1st Team All-Tournament

  1. Anthony Alger of the Harrisonburg Cardinals
  2. Tee Foster of the Triangle Thunder
  3. Matt Buchi of the RHI Pacers
  4. James Carter of the Harrisonburg Cardinals
  5. Josh Rodriguez of the Connecticut Spokebenders

2nd Team All-Tournament

  1. Tim Moworay of the Harrisonburg Cardinals
  2. Jeremy Bittner of the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers
  3. Christian Rivera of the Triangle Thunder
  4. Austin Griffin of the Tyler Thorns
  5. TJ Custer of the Harrisonburg Cardinals

3rd Team All-Tournament

  1. Robert Reed of the Ability 360 Phoenix Suns
  2. Candice Law of the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets
  3. Nicholas Weiss of the Seattle Sonics
  4. Miles Hill of the Triangle Thunder
  5. Justin South of the Rockford Chariots

Adult Division III MVP

Kyle Killworth of the RHI Pacers

Sportsmanship Awards

Jon McKana of the Seattle Sonics

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