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Written by Lucy Wyndham   

A decade after the arrival of the smartphone, the American Psychological Association's survey of Stress in America reports that "over 65 percent of Americans agree that taking a digital detox is important for their mental health." Forests, parks, and gardens can be stress relievers to our modern, busy lives. Technology, although useful, can keep us holed up inside. Likewise, 13% of the 53 million adults in America living with a disability have mobility challenges; it is not always straightforward to get out and about. If using a wheelchair is new to you, gain some guidance on wheelchair transportation to increase your confidence out and about.

Limited mobility does not mean missing out

When it comes to disabled access, the great outdoors and nature areas haven't always been accessible. Times have changed. Reserves and parks boast boardwalks and ramps to aid wheelchairs, in addition at some locations there are even off-road wheelchairs or buggies to hire should the terrain be unsuitable for yours. Wheelchair accessible viewing stations, floating gardens, and rooftop views ensure everyone is able to take in the views. 

Adaptive sports

There are benefits to everyone in immersing oneself in the natural world and by taking part in both individual and team sports.  Peruse other outdoor activities for the mobility challenged such as adaptive paddle sports or camping if you are feeling adventurous. Wheelchair team sports continue to gain in popularity and adaptive equipment is more available now with manufacturers often happy to tailor equipment to your requirements.

Why outside 

From a backyard to a national park or on an adventure around the world, simply hanging out in the natural world is good for you. A great day out in the fresh air can improve the quality of everyone's life. Being permanently connected has seen a rise in stress levels, a shortening of our attention span and a lack of activity not mentioning the perils of indoor air pollution. Spending time in the natural environment and taking part in sports can have a positive impact on your mental health. Is it time to reduce the stresses and strains of modern life and exploit the freedom of sport and the outdoors? Leave your tech indoors and take a deep breath. It might not always be easy moving around, but being out and about can improve your well being. 

Last Updated on Friday, 06 April 2018 17:00